Types of referral partner

The TriNetConnect referral partner program places the value of its bundled HR solutions at the fingertips of strategic partners competing for business against a growing list of online brokers and other PEOs.

Small and midsize companies no longer settle for just benefitsor just workers' compensation. They seek full-service HR. The types of companies that make the best fit for strategic partnerships include:


Web Portals and Aggregators

TriNet solutions complement your customers' infrastructure, aligning them to cloud/SaaS and outsourcing market trends in which these companies focus their business.

PEO Referral Firms

Broad array of benefit plans, with multiple options for health, dental and vision plans which may be chosen independently of each other and access to large group plans that would not otherwise be available to (or competitively priced for) small companies.


Increase the probability of success for small and midsize companies by removing the distractions, and shifting the risk, of running an in-house HR department.

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Venture Capital/Private Equity and Hedge Fund Firms

Increase profitability for portfolio companies by mitigating certain employer-related risks and liabilities. TriNet offers a $1million EPL insurance policy to help protect its customers from many employer liabilities.

Financial & Legal Advice Firms

Decrease the legal complexity and potential liability faced by your customers with expert handling of workers' compensation and gain relief from employer-related risk.

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Multiple bundled HR products, with features that can be managed through a cloud platform used for payroll, benefits, risk and compliance.


Enterprise-class HR cloud platform that equips managers with self-service features and robust tools using real-time data.


Mobile app to help clients and their employees stay current with essential data such as finances, benefits, time off and a company directory.

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Custodian Banks

Differentiates services and adds a distinct value to your affiliated Registered Investor Agencies (RIA) companies.

Regional and Specialty Banks

Options and plans not available in the open market, such as TriNet’s affordable Bronze which has no participation requirements.

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