Workplace Culture

December, 27 2018
Five Simple, Cost-Effective Strategies to Help Boost Employee Engagement

Focusing on employee engagement is key because it is a great way to optimize team performance and keep employees happy for the long-haul. Here are five specific strategies that may help engage employees with the company culture.

July, 18 2017
7 Things to Consider When Building a Mentor Program in the Modern Workplace

Mentorship is no longer just a nice thing to offer your employees—it is crucial to attracting top talent and convincing them to stick around. Employees want development opportunities now more than ever and your mentorship program must compete with other organizations that take this to heart.

June, 27 2017
First Impressions Count: 4 Tips for Creating a Positive Onboarding Experience

Onboarding is the process of introducing the new hire to your company, the team, the role and the corporate culture. A positive onboarding experience sets the colleague up for success on day one. A positive onboarding experience delivers very tangible results.

June, 13 2017
The SMB's Guide to Creating a Great Culture Through Internal Brand-Building

Remember that a company is nothing more than a collection of people. They’re the ones making your product, creating all that valuable intellectual property and providing your customers with exceptional experiences. How your employees feel about your company influences their commitment and work product. And how they feel is largely determined by the internal brand you cultivate. So, how do you invest your resources building your internal brand?

April, 18 2017
How to Balance Your Company’s Work-Life Balance: A Look at What Different Generations of Employees Want and How to Give it to Them

By the year 2020, five generations will be in the workforce at the same time. Overwhelmingly, employers want to ensure they can hire and retain the best and brightest, and that often comes down to what the work/life balance is within the organization. The challenge, however, for an employer with a cross-generational workforce is propviding the ideal work/life balance that all employees need.

February, 14 2017
3 Ways to Effectively Mentor Millennial Employees

Pew Research reported in 2015 that millennials have surpassed Gen X as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. As they become a major part of your work force, you should embrace their perspective, channel it for the benefit of your business, and provide them with positive mentoring.

February, 07 2017
4 Ways You Can Get Employees Ready and Eager to Tackle 2017

Have you looked around your workforce recently and seen the winter blues set in? This could be because the excitement of the holiday season, the parties and celebrations, are now just a distant memory while the work goes on. If you look around your office and see lots of blank faces staring into their computers, consider these ideas to reenergize your workforce.

January, 05 2017
5 Workplace Trends That Will Shape Company Culture in 2017

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is employee engagement and retention. Workers are bouncing between jobs at a rate twice as high as they were a decade ago and company culture is often the reason given for leaving, or taking, a job. Here is a list of top five trends that will shape company culture in 2017.

December, 13 2016
Survey Reveals How Employees Feel About Company-Sponsored Holiday Parties

With the holiday season approaching, a survey released by TriNet reveals how employees at SMBs feel about their company-sponsored holiday party. The overall sentiment was positive with people saying they attend, look forward to and enjoy the company holiday party. However, many prefer a cash bonus or office closure during the holidays.

November, 23 2016
How to Revolutionize Your Company Culture through Your Work Space

Many business leaders have noticed the power of office space to set the tone for a company’s culture. As millennials become an increasingly large part of the work force, businesses need to evaluate their workspace to meet the needs of different age groups.

October, 25 2016
Workplace Culture: Over-rated or Worth the Investment?

A good company culture with a fully-loaded benefits package and a sense of positivity in the workplace can give your company the competitive edge against your competition. Check out TheSquareFoot's infographic and learn why investing in workplace culture is worth the payoff.

September, 01 2016
5 Radical Ideas to Create an Awesome Place to Work

No matter what the industry, talent is every company’s most valuable asset - and everyone’s competing for it. In the escalating war for talent, creating an awesome workplace isn’t a luxury… it’s an absolute necessity.

August, 26 2016
The Millennial Effect: How the Largest Group in the Workforce is Revolutionizing Office Culture

Companies that aren’t taking into account millennial wants and needs when building their businesses are going to find themselves struggling against their competitors to attract and retain top talent. In this Q&A with TriNet’s resident expert on millennial recruiting Anthony Ysasaga, we learn a bit about what companies can do to create an office culture that supports millennial and business success.

August, 23 2016
Millennials Are Everywhere, Yet Nobody Seems to Understand Them. Here is Some Help from a Millennial Herself!

Despite the never-ending list of articles and advice out there on the topic, the truth remains clear: business leaders need help learning the skills to hire and manage millennials effectively. That’s why PivotDesk and TriNet are teaming up for a live webinar to give you a glimpse into the millennial workforce.

April, 21 2016
7 Traits of Highly Effective Company Cultures

News headlines frequently bring up the importance of company culture, employee satisfaction and the perks that employees may or may not be receiving. Developing and maintaining a company culture that helps reach your business goals but also helps engage and retain employees can be tough but it’s important (and doable).

April, 15 2016
From Hoodies to Business Suits: How to Create a Company Dress Code that Mixes Culture and Compliance

As companies grow and start hiring more employees, it often becomes necessary to create a company dress code policy where there wasn’t one before. Likewise, companies often have to alter their official dress code as they grow.

March, 17 2016
How Workplace Culture Can Attract the Right Employees

Driving Culture! Determining Culture! Re-establishing Culture! On any given day I speak to a number of small business leaders and entrepreneurs who are concerned about their company’s culture. This is because they know that creating a company culture is key to attracting the right employees and, in turn, driving business growth.

Why you should care about company culture

The thing is, there is only so much businesses can offer employees in the way of pay, benefits and extra perks to stand out from the competition. And, if you’re a small business or startup, it becomes even harder to compete financially for the most coveted employees.