Wages & Pay

September, 06 2016
It’s National Payroll Week! If You Manage Payroll for Your Company, This Post is for You!

This year, National Payroll Week is September 5-9 in the U.S. and September 12-16 in Canada. Because payroll is a service very near and dear to TriNet, we like to celebrate all things payroll on the TriNet blog every year at this time.

July, 19 2016
California’s Minimum Wage Laws Vary by City: Learn How They Affect You Where Your Business Operates

In a previous post, I wrote about how California is in the process of raising the state-wide minimum wage to $15 an hour by January 1, 2021. However, many California jurisdictions are raising their own minimum wages even sooner.

June, 29 2016
The Salary Threshold for Exempt Status Becomes Effective December 1. Are You Prepared

Recently, the DOL released the final rule updating the overtime exemption rules under the FLSA. The Final Rule will be effective on December 1, 2016.

June, 20 2016
Still Using Spreadsheets to Track Your Labor Hours? Here’s Why it Might be Time to Stop

Twenty years ago, when I started in the in the time and attendance business, manually tracking time and attendance was the norm. The majority of businesses used manual “punch clocks,” where employees would place their time card in a machine on the wall and literally “punch” the top of the clock to stamp their time card with the date, time of their arrival, breaks, lunches and, finally, when they left for the day.

January, 25 2016
3 Steps Small Businesses Can Take to Prevent Wage and Hour Lawsuits

A worrisome business trend is the growing number of wage and hour lawsuits that are a significant source of financial exposure for employers. As the number of lawsuits climbs, so does the cost to employers.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that it receives nearly 25,000 wage-and-hour related complaints per year. The number of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases filed in the federal court is more than five times higher than it was 20 years ago.

Compensation considerations

Overtime claims account for 40 percent of wage and hour class action lawsuits. Other common wage-and-hour claims include: