Talent Acquisition

March, 21 2018
Are Your Recruitment Efforts Falling Flat? Data May be the Answer!

Too many businesses make the mistake of not tracking or using recruitment analytics. Here are some pieces of data you should be collecting as you hire new employees.

February, 21 2018
Hiring Your First Employee? Here’s How to Set Up Your Employee Screening Program

Are you about to hire your first employee? Use these steps to devise a smart, compliant and effective employment screening program.

November, 08 2017
Not Just Another Great Hire: Even More Reasons You Should Be Recruiting Veterans to Your Business

Emphasizing the hiring of veterans has been a trend in business for several years and TriNet stands proudly among these companies. It is especially crucial for the U.S. economy that organizations embrace service men and women in the civilian job market as roughly 250,000 service members a year will leave the military over the next five years. There are many incentives to businesses—incentives many don’t know about—for hiring veterans.

August, 31 2017
Here Comes Generation Z: What Businesses Need to Know Now to Prepare for the Next Generation of Workers

Much has been written over the years about the millennial generation, but now it’s time for a new generation to make itself known in the workplace: generation Z.

August, 08 2017
Hiring: Best Practices for Protecting Your Company

Establishing hiring best practices can help prevent complaints, claims and lawsuits. Take a critical look at your hiring practices and see if following these guidelines might help reduce your risk and help you hire the quality talent you need.

June, 15 2017
“Help! I Can’t Hire Fast Enough!” How to Hire the Right People at the Speed of Your Growing Business

When your business is growing rapidly, you can’t always afford to take your time bringing on staff. However, you also can’t afford the high costs and potential disasters that come with making bad hires. So, how can you support rapid growth without falling into the hasty hiring trap? Here are a few ways to speed up hiring without sacrificing quality.

March, 14 2017
5 Tips to Improve Onboarding and Retain Employees

Employers are constantly competing to retain highly qualified employees. One factor that can give you an edge in employee engagement and retention is a robust onboarding process. Sixty nine percent of employees are more likely to stay with the company for at least three years after a great onboarding experience.

February, 09 2017
New Position: Promote From Within or Hire Externally?

You have an open position and you want to make sure you bring in the right person for the job. There is no room for error since the wrong hire can have a negative ripple effect through the ranks and your bottom line, while a superstar can launch your team, your division or even the entire company to the next level. Here are a few considerations when deciding whether to hire from within or hire externally.

November, 09 2016
How to Hire the Right Military Veteran for Your Business

Active duty and reserve military veterans receive high-quality training that makes them ideal candidates for SMBs. Here are some options for hiring the right military vet for your business.

October, 07 2016
7 Steps to an Effective Employee Onboarding Process

Poor onboarding can have many disastrous effects. It can set a new employee up for failure, inhibit workplace efficiency and change an employee’s outlook on your company. The result can be high cost and even higher turnover rates. Here are seven ways to improve your employee onboarding process for employee success.

March, 04 2016
Screening Your Employees? Here is How to Reduce Your Risk of a Lawsuit

Change is sweeping through employment law, and small businesses are finding themselves caught in the riptide. With an increase of lawyers filing Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) class action lawsuits against businesses over the past year and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) cracking down on disparate impact in hiring, every business owner needs to be aware of the federal and state laws on screening potential employees.

This is why the hiring and compliance experts at TriNet and GoodHire will be sharing insight into how to address pre-employment screening issues in an in-depth employment screening best practices webinar on April 7 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET. The webinar will help you get a handle on the employment screening issues and learn best practices for staying compliant.

February, 24 2016
4 Expert Tips for a Successful Hiring Process

There are many steps hiring managers must take to fill an open position. These include sourcing applicants, screening candidates, interviewing, skills assessment, writing the offer and onboarding the new employee. In the mad rush to hire someone to fill an empty spot, many managers overlook a few key areas that can be the difference between rushing into the costly mistake of hiring the wrong candidate and finding the perfect person to fill a position.

Here are some tips that will help ensure you always hire the best people who will improve your organization, enabling your company to grow and ultimately become more profitable.

1) Clearly define the responsibilities of the role

If you want to hire someone who is well suited to the requirements and responsibilities of the job, you must make sure these are clearly defined. Start by writing a very specific job description.  TriNet has given more tips on how to write better job board ads here.

January, 13 2016
5 Reasons Why International Screenings Might Be Crucial for Your Business

Guest post by Backgroundchecks.com. Please also check out our previous post on pre-employment background checks.

One of the trends going on in employment circles right now is that international background checks are becoming more common. Make no mistake, these broader background screenings are still far from the norm and some companies haven't even begun to consider them yet, let alone implement them. After all, for employers that don't go beyond statewide background checks, it stands to reason that international screenings wouldn't even be on the radar.

However, while not all businesses would even really benefit from having international screenings in place, there are instances where international background checks might just be crucial. Read on to learn why your company might want to look beyond the borders of the U.S. to vet your prospective employees.

1) You have an American-born applicant who has lived abroad

Because most applicants have spent at least the most recent years of their lives in the area where the company they are applying for is located, county and state background checks are typically the most useful resources for finding out about criminal activity. However, if you are vetting an applicant who just recently moved back to the U.S. after years spent living abroad, any criminal activity they might have on their record will likely only be found with an international background check.

January, 11 2016
Hiring Smarter through Mobile Recruitment

What if you could dramatically increase the number of job applications your company receives? Attracting qualified candidates to your open positions is easier than you might think. The secret? Mobile-optimized job applications.

When golf and country club operator ClubCorp learned about the success other mobile users had experienced with mobile recruiting, it created a mobile-friendly application and saw their number of applicants jump – by 50 percent!

This is pretty telling of the power of mobile optimization. As a recruiter, it’s important to understand why mobile matters and how you can embrace the mobile job seeker to acquire top talent.

The future is mobile

Mobile use for all purposes is growing year over year and that includes job searching. Ninety percent of job seekers use a mobile phone during their job search. Finding the right talent means leveraging the power of mobile to facilitate a quick response from candidates and efficiently move them through the recruiting process.