Safety & Wellness in the Workplace

February, 28 2018
What to Do About an Employee With a Substance Abuse Problem

Seventy percent of Americans who use illegal drugs are employed, and drug abuse costs their employers an estimated $81 billion a year, according to a report by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Here are some suggestions for successfully dealing with an employee who has a substance abuse problem:

January, 31 2018
Looking to Get in Shape This New Year? Here Are 10 Ways You Can Do So Without Quitting Your Day Job

A key aspect of being successful in sticking to a workout regimen is to find a system that works for your hectic life. For those days when you’re just too swamped to even pull yourself away from your desk, a “deskercise” routine can really save your resolution to get into shape.

December, 13 2017
Don’t Get Sued Because of Your Holiday Party: 6 Tips for Minimizing Risk and Keeping Employees Safe at Your Seasonal Soiree

While holiday parties are a fantastic way for colleagues to come together, unwind and enjoy each other’s company, they can also be fraught with risk for employers who aren’t careful. Every year we work with clients who, for one reason or another, find themselves in hot water after a holiday party. More often than not, these situations could have been prevented with some additional foresight.

September, 14 2017
Don’t Let a Natural Disaster Destroy Your Business Without a Fight. Here is What You Can Do, Starting Now, to Prepare

We have all recently witnessed how devastating natural disasters can be--destroying lives, businesses and property in an instant. The challenges to a business owner in the face of a natural disaster can quickly become overwhelming. Here are just a few actions small and midsize business (SMB) leaders should take before, during and after a natural disaster.

August, 17 2017
7 Tidy Ways to Keep Your Workspace Clean on a Budget

If you run a small or midsize business (SMB), there are ways to maintain a clean work environment without breaking the budget. Here are some tips for keeping your office space organized and in top form.

July, 11 2017
6 Ways to Prevent Workplace Stress from Wreaking Havoc on Your Organization

Workplace stress and burn out leads to increased absenteeism, low employee morale, decrease in productivity, workplace safety issues and, ultimately, potential loss of key employees.The hazards of workplace stress can wreak havoc on the health of an organization. But they don’t have to. The following are some best practices organizations can incorporate to manage and reduce workplace stress.

June, 30 2017
4 Budget-Friendly Corporate Wellness Tips

Many small businesses want to support their employees’ health but few have room in the budget to launch a big corporate-style wellness program. Here are four of my favorite low-cost, high-reward strategies for supporting healthy, active lifestyles for your employees:

June, 06 2017
June is National Employee Wellness Month! Celebrate by Making Your Small Business Healthier and Happier with These Expert Tips

In honor of National Employee Wellness Month, TriNet HR experts share some of their best tips for implementing wellness into your workplace.

October, 05 2016
4 Modern Day Tips for Having a Happy Family and Successful Career (Without Losing Your Mind)

Are you trying to balance a career and a family? Then you are not alone. The good news is that, while having a family and a career can prove stressful, it is also completely manageable, depending on how you approach this challenge.

March, 30 2016
A Disaster Can Happen to You. Here’s What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business

As many parts of the country are entering the spring storm season (or are still digging out from winter weather), now is a good time to review your company’s disaster plans and emergency protocols. It makes good business sense to be prepared for natural disasters, widespread illness or even acts of terrorism.

With some planning, you can protect your employees, information and equipment. Preplanning also helps you continue “business as usual” if you suddenly sustain damage to a facility or if employees can’t come to work but your customers are still depending on you. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a staggering 40 percent of businesses affected by disasters never re-open. This number is significant considering also that more than 25 percent of small businesses will experience a ”significant crisis” in a given year and nearly 66 percent of small businesses do not have an emergency plan in place.

Now is the time to create a disaster plan

Your emergency plan will define employee and company roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency and should also define short and long-term company goals after a disaster. It should be written out and shared with employees in advance of a disaster.

February, 01 2016
Wellness Matters: How Caring for Your Employees’ Health Can Help Your Company’s Bottom Line

February is American Heart Month, a time when caring organizations and individuals work to raise awareness about heart disease and ways to prevent it. This time of health consciousness is also a good opportunity to focus on employee wellness. By making wellness a company priority, you can help employees make it a priority as well.

According to a National Small Business Administration (NSBA) survey 93 percent of small business owners think employee health is important to business but just 22 percent currently offer any kind of wellness program. Small business owners often perceive barriers to creating their own programs but, in reality, it can be done effectively with minimal cost and burden on the employer.

Plus, a wellness program can have direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.

January, 15 2016
Why Cleaning Matters: 3 Reasons to Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Guest post by Please also check out our previous post on scent aversions in the workplace.

Stand at the door of your office. Are you looking at a clean and orderly workspace or a disorganized mess? How does the space make you feel? Are you happy and excited to get to work or does a quick glance at your office make you want to hightail it in the opposite direction?

Neatness and order in the workplace matter—and not just because “neat is nice.” Studies have proven that when your workspace is cluttered, it’s difficult to process information, let alone focus on priorities, projects and tasks.

In addition to reduced productivity, a messy office also negatively affects your psychological, emotional and professional well-being. The good news is that cleaning up your workspace is a high-impact, low-cost activity with immediate and noticeable benefits for business owners and workers alike.