Human Resources for the Life Sciences Industry

January, 17 2018
How Biotech Companies Can Tackle the Tough HR Considerations in 2018

In this post, we focus on some trends that will particularly affect the biotech industry in 2018 and give tips for biotech companies to overcome these issues in the new year.

July, 25 2017
3 Best Business Practices for Life Sciences SMBs from a Leading Biotech Entrepreneur

Business leaders in the life sciences industry know all too well they face unique challenges. In this highly innovative and rapidly evolving field they must move quickly to remain relevant. Dr. Craig Shimasaki, president & CEO of Moleculera Labs and a successful founder of three biotech companies, shares the three key drivers for those in the life sciences industry:

April, 04 2016
Hiring for Biotechnology: What Early-Stage Companies Should Look for in Vendors and Consultants

In my previous post, I shared how important it is for biotechnology startups to hire exceptional employees who embody the three characteristics that help you create a synergistic team of professionals all working toward the same goal of growth and success for your company. I encourage entrepreneurs to strategically hire the best “fit” individuals, as they will become your most vital resources as you develop your business and work to overcome obstacles.

February, 03 2016
Hiring for Biotechnology: 5 Characteristics Early-Stage Companies Should Look for in Employees

Without question, one critical success factor for all biotechnology companies is the ability to identify and retain a synergistic combination of internal and external team members, all working seamlessly toward the same goal. It is impossible to start and build a successful biotechnology company without the help of an exceptional and synergistic team of individuals. In this post, I will discuss the most important characteristics biotech entrepreneurs should seek in new employees.