Reporting and analytics

Unlock the potential of your business data so you can gather the insights that lead to smarter business decisions.


Gain a snapshot of your most relevant human resources information, and with HR analytics data updated in real time, keep an eye on how your teams are performing at any time. Executives gain actionable insights and stay informed on what works well for the organization and what measures are needed to drive your company forward.

  • Executives and managers have a high level view on leave requests, headcount, taxes and other costs at all times
  • You can track how your organization is performing against the activity of thousands of other small businesses in your industry. Examine compensation, turnover and organizational growth by function, role or location

Payroll reports

We offer multiple reports to help you gain important insights into your HR, payroll and benefits spending. Your payroll reports provide all employee details, including employee and employer level detail that tie directly to the invoice.

  • Access more than 20 standard payroll, billing and HR reports, available in easy-to-read PDF or CSV export formats
  • Run payroll registers and job costing reports, which can be sorted by department
  • Pull employee data reports, including total compensation statements, to understand turnover, headcount, benefits and more
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Custom reporting

Manage your business data using a variety of HR analysis and reporting options. Build custom reports using dynamic self-service reporting capabilities. In addition to the standard payroll, tax, benefits and HR reports, TriNet offers multi-reporting options, available in both PDF and Excel formats.

  • Pre-formatted reports—standard payroll reports used most frequently by our clients
  • Flex reports—reports formatted various ways so you don’t have to build them from scratch
  • Custom reports—personalized reports unique to your business, enabling you to assemble data in list, crosstab and chart formats. Once created, custom formats can be saved for future projects

Total compensation statement

Reinforce your company’s investment in your employees through a total compensation statement. Each report is a personalized statement that shows the total value of an employee’s pay package. Provide your employees with a more comprehensive view into understanding compensation, moving away from solely focusing on salary.

  • Understand total compensation categorized by cash compensation, health benefits, income protection, government benefits and retirement benefits
  • Gain visibility into an individual’s contribution as well as your company’s contribution to each of the categories
  • View salary and benefits as a percentage of an employee’s total compensation

Accounting integration

Millions of companies rely on QuickBooks to run their business, and we help ensure that your general ledger data is imported accurately into QuickBooks. With just a few clicks, your information is transferred seamlessly for up-to-date financial reporting.

  • View and sync journal data with QuickBooks, eliminating double data entry
  • Easily download salary and wage totals, taxes, health insurance and other benefit expenses
  • Use extensive reporting options in QuickBooks to generate financial reports such as balance sheets, general ledger and journal reports

HR support

We’re here to help you become successful, and it doesn’t stop with technology. Our HR professionals assist with designing and creating custom analytics reports for you, and we have a dedicated team that advises you on the relevant reports needed to help you grow and manage your team.

  • Gain a distinct advantage with our service teams who deliver flexible and reliable ad hoc support as well as expertise that complements your business
  • Receive seamless payroll and HR administration, and also the critical, timely information essential to navigate successfully through the complexities of HR
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