Performance Management

Real-time feedback allows you to have frequent conversations with your employees about their performance and ensure that their goals are aligned with the company goals. Increase visibility into how performance and progress are tracked, and focus on continuous improvement, for both your employees and your company.

Real-time feedback

Enabling your employees to contribute feedback on a daily basis enriches the pool of performance feedback. Use notes from peers for immediate feedback on current projects, and notes can be scored, tied to goals and tagged with keywords.

Don’t wait for a yearly or quarterly review cycle to see whether your company is on track. You can now do that any day of the week.

Simple and smart goals

Your employees and managers can create goals that are weighted by importance and aligned with company objectives. Tracking progress is as easy as checking off milestones or tasks. Establish context to the progress of goals by adding comments within each goal, helping ensure that everyone stays on track.

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Cascading goals

Adopt goals at different levels within your company to ensure alignment between your organization’s objectives and your employees’ activities and goals. Cascading goals allows for greater transparency around how your company measures success, the specific value an employee adds to your company, and the impact of both good and poor performance.

Custom and pre-loaded templates

Every new account comes pre-loaded with a variety of review templates populated with questions and answers specifically designed for small and midsize businesses. Alternatively, you can build your own custom review templates. With just a few clicks, performance management can be configured to your desired review type, including manager, side-by-side, 360° or flex (impromptu) reviews.

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Gain clarity into your company’s overall performance with informative reports that show relevant and actionable metrics. From the big picture down to the minute details, analytics help your employees and managers understand how their work contributes to the success and growth of the organization. Access concise performance records quickly.

Streamlined performance reviews

Whether you’re an administrator tracking the progress of company-wide reviews, or a manager reviewing goals for your team, performance management is designed to make important information bubble to the top. With information easily accessible, your managers can focus more time on coaching, supporting and mentoring their employees, not paperwork.