Applicant Tracking

We help manage the recruiting lifecycle, starting from the moment you need to fill a position. Create a job post, push out to popular boards and access every candidate’s details on our cloud-based platform, so you’ll never misplace or accidentally delete a file again.

Job postings

Post to the job boards that matter, from free boards like Indeed to paid specialty boards, and also promote on social media to increase your reach. Schedule and view interviews right from your jobs promotion page.

  • Obtain targeted and featured placement in ZipRecruiter, Dice and Goodhire job alert emails, which are distributed to millions of job seekers
  • Give each job a custom URL that can be used anywhere, from blog posts to in-store QR codes

Candidate profiles

Each candidate gets his or her own profile page that shows you exactly where the candidate is in your hiring process. See detailed feedback from interviewers and hiring managers, view resumes and portfolio submissions, and review assessment scores—all in one place.

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Custom questions and skills assessments

Create custom questions directly in the job ad so you have key information even before a phone screen. Include custom skills assessment questions that rate a candidate’s expertise in relevant areas. The skills assessment scores are then automatically tagged to the candidate’s profile.

Got a candidate who scored 85% on their ability to create custom Excel macros? They’re probably worth a look. 20%? Maybe not.

Automated workflows

Create customized workflows to suit your hiring needs. From a quick review to a comprehensive vetting process, you can create customized recruiting pipelines for your jobs, your team and even your entire company. Design a process that works for you and the role you want to fill.

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Comprehensive view of talent pool

See how many candidates are in your database, what jobs they’ve applied for and what your team thinks of them. Find out where they are in the workflow process. Search your talent pool by name, tags or ratings to give you and your team instant results on the candidates most appropriate for the job.

Built-in background check

We have partnered with GoodHire so you can run FCRA-compliant background, drug or credit checks on any candidate in your talent pool. If you choose to add this feature, all your data will be automatically synced with a candidate’s profile, so you’ll always have a complete picture of a candidate’s background and qualifications.

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