Risk Mitigation

Get help with risk mitigation and HR compliance.


Complying with employment rules and regulations is a task that demands time and specialized HR expertise. With hundreds of experts and advanced systems and processes, TriNet can help mitigate employment-related and HR compliance risks.

Payroll taxes and filings

Expert handling of the various reporting requirements and filings associated with payroll at the federal, state and local level. Beyond the paperwork, we can also assume administration of items such as responding to unemployment insurance claims and inquiries.

  • Create and file W-2s and send to employees including electronic W-2s and TurboTax integration
  • Administration of unemployment, including plans, payroll collection and claims handling
  • Federal, state and local tax collection and remittance for payroll administered through us
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Employee benefits

Regulations extend well beyond the Affordable Care Act. With TriNet benefits and retirement plans, you get a full service offering in which we provide guidance and compliance support.

  • Administrative responsibility for TriNet-sponsored health plans and fiduciary responsibility for TriNet-sponsored retirement plans, minimizing risk for your company
  • Complete 401(k) plan compliance for TriNet-sponsored plans, including filings, such as Form 5500, audits, required plan testing and monitoring investment options
  • COBRA administration for your former employees participating in TriNet plans, including notices and payment collection

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a complex and evolving piece of legislation that can bring stiff penalties for non-compliance. Our integrated ACA solution includes tools to determine company classification, distribute notices and submit government filings. We are in a unique position to provide a complete solution because of our expertise and handling of both payroll and benefits.

  • Medical plans that meet coverage requirements with affordable contribution strategies
  • Track data, generate and file forms, send employee notices
  • Expert support and guidance so you can navigate the complexity with confidence and help ensure compliance.
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Employment practices risk management

Protect your business from employer liabilities like discrimination, wrongful termination, unlawful retaliation and harassment claims. Our comprehensive program not only provides resources that help prevent issues from happening in the first place, but also supports you in the event of a claim with insurance coverage and claims management expertise.

  • Claims prevention: Guidance on best practices and access to an online reference library to help prevent workplace situations that give rise to employee claims.
  • Claims coverage: Employer practices liability insurance (EPLI) providing up to $1 million in coverage.
  • Claims mitigation: Active management of claims and pre-negotiated fees with external counsel that simplifies the claims process while reducing costs.


Workers’ compensation & workplace safety

We deliver a robust and cost-effective program that serves the safety interests of your employees. TriNet administers the workers’ compensation program from plan sponsorship to claims processing.

  • Experienced and responsive claims management team that expedites resolution times
  • Cash flow efficient—pay-as-you-go, no deposits, no deductibles