HR Expertise

Transform your workplace with unmatched expertise.

Dedicated team for all your HR needs

TriNet’s dedicated HR team provides comprehensive guidance and support. The combination of extensive expertise, a dedicated team and industry specialization yields an incredible customer experience for you and your employees.

Our team understands that the complexity and sensitivity of HR demands excellent service.

Industry specialization

We know that HR issues vary by industry, which is why we provide industry-specific HR teams. Our hedge fund, hospitality and technology clients are supported by teams that are expertly equipped to handle their unique HR needs.

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Domain expertise

TriNet’s human resource experts have deep HR expertise to help you through a range of technical matters from the Affordable Care Act to workers’ compensation, employee benefits and more. Between the thousands of employment regulations that affect both large and small companies and the vast complexity of payroll and benefits, it’s important that you have access to the right expert on demand.

Sensitive matters

The nature of human resources is that inevitably there are issues that are personal, sensitive and confidential. While the circumstances can be suboptimal, TriNet helps you make the best of the situation through a consultative HR team. Gain peace of mind knowing you have an HR partner to turn to when complex issues arise.

  • Best practice guidance for handling employee terminations
  • Support through employee relations issues
  • Employer practices liability insurance (EPLI) at no additional cost. EPLI helps protect your business from certain employer liabilities like discrimination, wrongful termination, unlawful retaliation and harassment claims. TriNet manages EPLI claims for you, so you can focus on business.
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Employee support

Our high-caliber support extends to your employees, from onboarding or enrolling a newborn in insurance to assisting with COBRA. Quality service for your employees saves everyone time and is part of delivering a great experience to your employees.

  • Day-to-day support on paycheck and benefits questions
  • New hire onboarding and benefits enrollment
  • Guidance on updating employee status and forms when life changes occur

Strategic services

Company growth and evolution comes with unique challenges. Our strategic services are designed to help companies in various stages of growth to boost their ongoing success. TriNet’s human capital consultants assist in providing services to help customers acquire top talent, align workforce goals with company objectives, drive performance, and develop and mentor their future leaders.