Tyler Leshney, President

Ultra Mobile


Create a fast-growth yet sustainable company for the future.


TriNet helped them onboard 20 people in three months and integrated them seamlessly into the organization in 17 different states.

Having TriNet as a partner enables us to create a fast but sustainable company for the future quickly, smoothly, cost effectively and is going to be key for us to grow our business beyond what it is today.

Named Inc. 500’s fastest-growing company in America for 2015, Ultra Mobile relies on TriNet to provide their HR. Located in Costa Mesa, CA, Ultra Mobile was able to seamlessly integrate 20 new employees in 90 days. Tyler Leshney, president of the thriving midsize company, explains that TriNet enables them to hire top talent by providing comprehensive benefits. TriNet delivers the peace of mind he needs as a leader by allowing him to focus on their core business of providing pre-paid wireless plans to foreign-born residents calling home from the U.S.