Jim Marquardt, General Manager

The Gardens Hotel Resort


Doesn't have the time to deal with HR.


TriNet provides resolutions to employee issues and conflicts.

TriNet keeps us focused on what we do best—running our hotel.

Gardens Hotel Resort is very unique in Key West. We call ourselves the jewel of Key West, in a class by ourselves. Our clientele are world travelers, they're actors and actresses, they're rock bands and so we have quite a cross section of people here. As General Manager of the Gardens Hotel, each day is a challenge whether it's an ice machine's broken, my maintenance guy has just quit, to a guest complaint or a guest issue. As General Manager of the hotel, I have the hotel to run and I don't have time to be an HR person. I don't have time to do all the benefits packages.

TriNet's a wonderful resource for me. If I have an employee resolution issue or a conflict issue, I don't have an HR degree, so I call TriNet and speak to Monica. I explain the issue, we talk about it, we come to a resolution and then go forward. We used to have a high rate of turnover. I lost two really good employees to not being able to afford to live here. How we've got around that was higher pay, we pay medical benefits, we offer affordable housing so we're able to house good staff that we want to keep who normally we would lose and I default to TriNet about information that's legally required. Our operation doesn't lend us to invest in the time to learn the laws and keep up on the laws and that's why we lean towards TriNet for that information. It's worth it to keep those employees and to keep us focused on what we do best, running our hotel.

The future of the Gardens Hotel, I don't think we're going to be expanding anymore. Sometimes small is good and we're riding high right now. As far as TriNet's involvement, we're good partners, we work well together and I see a future together going forward.