Assaf Biderman, Founder & CEO


Competing against larger companies for top technical talent.


TriNet provides top-tier benefits that provide Superpedestrian with a competitive recruiting advantage.

What I know is that [with TriNet] we're able to attract great candidates, and for me, that's very, very important.

Technology company Superpedestrian in Cambridge, Massachusetts, makes an electronic wheel for bicycles that increases pedal power strength ten times over, so riders can go farther in less time with less effort. As a midsize company, Superpedestrian leverages TriNet’s robust benefit packages to attract and retain top talent. Assaf Biderman, Founder and CEO, explains that with TriNet’s benefits helping bring in the right people, the company can focus on its technology and going to market instead of the day-to-day HR activities that used to distract them.