Assaf Biderman, Founder & CEO



Competing against larger companies for top technical talent.


TriNet provides top-tier benefits that provide Superpedestrian with a competitive recruiting advantage.

What I know is that [with TriNet] we're able to attract great candidates, and for me, that's very, very important.

Assaf Biderman, Founder & CEO

Superpedestrian is a robotics company. We're in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we're focusing on compelling one and two-person vehicles, vehicles that are both fun to use, affordable, can address people's day-to-day mobility needs, and are very, very safe.

Copenhagen Wheel is a retrofittable unit that can go on almost any bike and make it a smart, hybrid electric. It imitates the rider so when you pedal, it sees what you're doing from torque to power to cadence to slope of the road to headway, acceleration, and multiple directions. All this data is being captured by the Copenhagen Wheel and then it makes you about 10 to 20 times stronger. You can go 30 miles on a single charge and if your one-way commute is around 10 miles, you can do it in less than half an hour. It's also a lot of fun because of that magical experience of the wheel imitating you.

You really have to work hard to get the right people. How do you make sure that you attract the right people? It's a big challenge, but the benefits package is very important because we're over 50 people. And when you attract people who work for the largest and the best companies in the world, or for a hot startup, most of them have great benefits. You've got to compete. So we care a lot about what choices they have and the quality of care they get, and that's where TriNet can really help.

Gil Arbel, COO

What we do with TriNet is that we have benefits that match the offering for any other company, high-tech companies you will see in the area. And in some cases, we are actually better than what they had before and it's helped us to close a relationship with the person and hire them.

Assaf Biderman, Founder & CEO

What I know is that we're able to attract great candidates, and for me, that's very, very important. And the second thing is that becomes invisible so we can focus on the things that are important in our day-to-day. And we can focus on technology, we can focus on the go-to-market, we can focus on hiring without having to worry about the day-to-day of HR services.

Gil Arbel, COO

So we are working with TriNet for three years and we're happy that we don't have to deal with it because it's working and it's working very well. For us, it's peace of mind, it's an ability to do other things.

Assaf Biderman, Founder & CEO

I've got entrepreneurs sometimes reaching out saying, "What do you do for HR services?" And I talk about TriNet and we've had a positive experience with TriNet. It's great. I want to be able to see a sea of red in the streets everywhere I go. Think of what it would mean to individuals when their day-to-day mobility becomes so much healthier and so much more pleasant, and what it means for communities when cities become more quiet, cleaner. For us, this is a very exciting future and we're very happy to be able to focus on what we're good at. And we're grateful to have a partner like TriNet that takes care of our HR services and functions.