Muhammed Chaudhry, President & CEO

Silicon Valley Education Foundation


Spending too much time on HR.


TriNet is a one-stop shop for anything related to HR.

TriNet is my HR partner. Now I can focus on my ambition.

Silicon Valley Education Foundation is obsessed with preparing all students for college and careers, making sure that we're able to realize their future dreams, to be the next Steve Jobs. But when you're trying to solve large problems, the last thing you want to worry about is your payroll.

As CEO of Silicon Valley Education Foundation, I was also the HR manager. It made me invest a lot of my time figuring out everything related to HR. How do we provide outstanding benefits? How do we do performance management? How do I reward my employees? HR is difficult because there is a lot of complex laws and regulations that continually change, as well as a lot of risk and not knowing the right answer. You need experts to be able to manage that for you.

At Silicon Valley Education Foundation, we use TriNet because it's my one stop shop for anything related to human resources including performance management, benefits, recruitment. They provide videos for leadership training. All those things that are related to HR in one place. It's cloud-based so we're able to fully utilize TriNet everywhere we go. It just made all the sense in the world for us, a 20-employee company.

TriNet is my HR partner. Now I can focus on my ambition which is preparing students for college and careers. For organizations that are trying to improve their HR operations, I'd say make it easy for yourself. Let TriNet handle that. To have someone who's an expert providing superior HR services that are Fortune 500 quality, will be saving them time and headaches and align them to focus on their core business.