Perfect Bar

Allie Jennings, HR Manager


Too much time spent on HR tasks to fully focus on cultivating a creative working environment and employee career development.


TriNet provides extensive HR expertise and competitive benefit packages to retain and develop employees across the country.

While TriNet helps with the administrative [HR] tasks, I'm able to focus on our people, who are the bread and butter of Perfect Bar.

Perfect Bar is a family business based in San Diego, California that was developed out of love for optimal health, fitness and nutrition. Popular among health-conscious consumers and performance athletes, Perfect Bar is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and packed with whole-food protein. As a midsize company, Perfect Bar leverages TriNet’s services and technology to foster growth and creativity. Allie Jennings, HR Manager, and Elizabeth Carter, VP of Finance, explain that while TriNet tends to administrative tasks, they can stay focused on their people, providing better benefits than their larger competitors and creating an environment where people want to work.