Financial Services

Michael Kianmahd, Vice President

Maxim Commercial Capital, LLC


Hiring and retaining the best people


TriNet offers benefits comparabe to big company benefits.

Small companies benefit immensely from dedicating their resources and time towards their core competencies. I would recommend all small companies looking to provide benefits and more easily manage payroll log-on with TriNet with employee number one. 

For this financial services client, which helps fund small to mid-sized businesses, TriNet offers payroll management and affordable Fortune 500-level benefits. As Maxim Vice President Michael Kianmahd says of his search for employee health plans in the open market, "Small group insurance for 50 or less is less very expensive per employee. But TriNet benefits are affordable and at the level of Fortune 500 companies." He explains how TriNet manages HR for his company so that he and his staff can focus on building their business.