Steven M. Ranuro, General Manager

Biggie's Clam Bar


Managing the complexities of HR for a multi-location, multi-state restaurant business.


TriNet ensures that Biggie’s is in compliance with all HR regulations.

It would be very difficult to work in our industry, at our level, at our speed, without TriNet.

Biggie's started in 1944 by my great-grandfather Joe Biggie. He would go from bar to bar in Hoboken with a pushcart and sell clams. In '46 my grandfather, my great-grandfather, opened up a freestanding building, and in 2010 Biggie's expanded into a full-service location with an expanded menu. And from there we've opened up one full-service location each year for the last four years.

In restaurants there are a lot of HR issues that come up, whether it's a server getting paid $2.13 an hour and needing to fulfill the $8.38 an hour, having over 50 employees, and staying ACA compliant. It's dealing with workers' comp cases.

To grow an establishment like Biggie's Clam Bar, it's very important to keep your core values, your principles, and your mission statement intact. Not to lose things as you grow, whether it's the food quality, or the way you train an employee, or to have that special touch in each one of your locations.

TriNet's helped Biggie's in many ways, handling our HR needs or whether it's face-to-face meeting, during onboarding processes, whether it's on the phone, going through payroll questions, or whether it's through email, just bouncing off different ideas of hiring/firing employees.

The ACA is a big part of the business now. We own multiple locations, and we have common ownership, so we need to make sure we stay current on all the ACA changes which seem to change every day. And TriNet has done a great job keeping us in line. We have a quarterly meeting with our HR representative, and they go over any needs or new legislation that's come through our state.

Our plan for the future at Biggie's is to continue to expand. We think we have a business model that could work in a lot of different locations. Key part of that transition and that expansion would be TriNet. We're family owned and operated. It would be very difficult to work in our industry, at our level, at our speed without TriNet.