Ethan Brown, CEO

Beyond Meat


Different employment laws and regulations that affect hiring employees in different states.


TriNet managed the entire hiring process to onboard the right employees and maintained employment law compliance in all 50 states.

TriNet does a great job of recommending the right approach and giving us the resources to handle our problems and challenges. 

Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat and long-time vegan, discusses his company's focus on doing what they do best, which is perfectly replicating animal protein with plant-based inputs, and how TriNet's handling of their HR services allows Ethan and his team to stay focused. He explains that Beyond Meat's headquarters are in Los Angeles, but their manufacturing facilities are in Missouri, with different employment rules and regulations. TriNet handles both locations with human resources outsourcing expertise in all 50 states. Furthermore, Ethan goes on to say Beyond Meat needed to hire top talent across several disciplines, including marketing and finance, which TriNet also handles. He says TriNet has integrated seamlessly with his company, as if they were the HR department, not a vendor. TriNet allows them to grow with the right infrastructure so that Beyond Meat can focus on its core competencies, which is offering plant-based protein for human consumption.