Ethan Brown, CEO

Beyond Meat


Different employment laws and regulations that affect hiring employees in different states.


TriNet managed the entire hiring process to onboard the right employees and maintained employment law compliance in all 50 states.

TriNet does a great job of recommending the right approach and giving us the resources to handle our problems and challenges. 

For a long time, I've been vegan and been interested in how we produce, how we grow and provide protein for human consumption. Our company is focused on perfectly replicating animal protein or meat with plant-based inputs. We're building a food manufacturing company while also having a very strong presence in marketing, in finance, et cetera. We're hiring people across a bunch of different disciplines. For us to be able to ably do that and capably do that, we need help getting the right infrastructure in place to allow us to focus on getting the right people in the door.

One of the things that we learned early on was that by outsourcing the things that others can do better than us, we could focus more on our core competencies. Nothing provides a better example than TriNet. We've been able to outsource all of our HR needs to TriNet in a way that allows us to seamlessly interact with them as if we have an HR department when, in fact, it's a vendor relationship.

To the extent that we can hire people in Missouri where our manufacturing facility is, hire people here in California where our headquarters are, or hire people out in the field, we run into different laws and regulations in each case. So, it's very helpful to have TriNet there to help us manage that process and to help us deal with differences across our hiring needs.

We feel very comfortable referring problems, opportunities, and challenges to them. They do a really nice job of recommending the right approach, giving us the right resources to handle our problems or to handle our challenges. So, it's at full suite. It gives us a good return on investment.

If you look at our business, where we excel and the value that we can add to the marketplace is bringing unique, plant-based protein platforms to market. To the extent that we can take away anything that distracts from that focus, we're going to be a better company.